About illumineArts

Tatania Konstantinov

Tatiana Konstantinov is an artist currently living and working in New Mexico.The Land of Enchantment. She was born in Liege, Belgium.  Tatiana's heritage is Russian, French, and German, with a bit of Swedish, Polish, and Mongolian. With this varied background, her outlook on life has always been very eclectic. When she was three, her family moved to Sao Paulo, Brazil, from where they eventually emigrated to America. So in 1958 they boarded a cargo ship headed for New Orleans, and then took a Pullman Train to San Francisco where they finally settled. 

At age twenty Tatania became a stewardess with Pan American Airways and traveled the globe for  several years. This exposure from an early age to different cultures, religions, and geography, gave her an appreciation and gratitude for the beauty, complexity, and richness of the various paths and spiritual traditions.

While growing up she was frequently exposed to the beautiful spiritual art of Byzantine Orthodox Icons, as her grandfather was a Choir Master in several Orthodox Churches. She learned at a very young age to appreciate and love the beautiful sacred images of the Christ, Christian Saints, and the Archangels. The memory of the wafting aroma of beeswax, the soft flicker of candle-light before the images, the reverent singing of the choir, the intoxicating smell of Frankincense, and the soothing peace that she felt while gazing at the icons, inspired her in 1998, with the support and encouragement of her spiritual mentor and friend, Leslie Temple Thurston, to create Kuan Yin Unlimited, later to become illumineArts. 

She eventually became a student of various religious traditions and philosophies and came to love and appreciate the wonderful, rich, spiritual imagery of all the different paths, beliefs, cultures, and eras. Being very eclectic in her appreciation for the world's traditions, she began to apply various sacred art images to her line of greeting cards, prints, and candles.

Currently, Tatania's varied interests include the evolution of consciousness, ecology, quantum physics, cutting-edge healing modalities, classical music, art, literature, animals, and nature.

The illumineArts line of products was conceived and developed to reflect the beauty, serenity, joy, and healing power that timeless sacred images offer us. It is the artist's hope that her products will be an inspiration and comfort to people from all walks of life, in all parts of the globe.